Who We Are

                                         "Helping Young People Excel"


Hype Ministry, Inc. is located in Florence, Alabama and was organized on February 16, 2008 as a "youth outreach" program.  We are a non-profit organization and we are taking back our community while reshaping the lives of our youth, by offering services that will empower, enhance and enrich their lives.

We offer empowerment programs to help build self-esteem and character which will develop strong values that will guide the youth into making more positive choices.  Our young people need to feel that there are people outside their families who love, care and support them.  Our families and communities need to be resurrected.  The traditional family where children learn about love, commitment, obligations, compassion, unity and responsibility are dying and the youth today are more self-centered on surviving and acquiring material things.

Our desire is to thelp develop their minds, body and spirt by exposing them to positive influential people of our community, who are willing to come back with stories of their own triumphs that will inspire and motivate them to excel.

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