Goals & Objectives

                                        "Helping Young People Excel"

  • Empowerment - Young People need to be valued by their parents and their communities.  Hype Ministry will help them regain their self-confidence and teach them the importance of positive values and a strong sense of power,purpose, worth and promise in their lives.
  • Support - Provide support for our youth through ministry, counseling, and mentoring.
  • Boundaries and Expectations - Our children need to know what is expected of them and what is considered "out of bounds".  As a community we are taking responsibility for monitoring our young people's behaviors.
  • Enrichment - We intend to teach our youth about "Constructive Use of Time" by offering enrichment opportunities for growth thru creative activities while preparing them for the future.
  • Parenting - The parents need to know how to deal and cope with their children during difficult times.  As a community, we are here to help.
  • Needs - Offering of programs that provide a period of identifying the community needs with the families and children by moving the element of "assumption".
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